Meet the Court sneaker, the new kid on the block from Oliver Cabell, the go-to brand for simple, sublime sneakers, beautifully made with a timeless design.

The latest release, the brand has now announced, is to be this: the Court leather sneaker, expressing its minimalism with a low-top silhouette crafted out of the most exceptional Italian leather.

This retro-styled sneaker draws its inspiration, as its name suggests, from the tennis court. It’s a shoe with a distinctly 1990s feel, reflecting the workout obsession of those years - and the era when the sneaker first became a catwalk regular.

The Court, though, is no dedicated follower of fashion. This is a subtle statement, make no mistake. It'll be available in a choice of pristine white, black or slate Italian leather with rubber outsoles by Italian specialists Margom. Understated branding is limited to lettering on the heel, exemplifying Oliver Cabell's under-the-radar approach.

Oliver Cabell has been quietly making waves since Oxford graduate Scott Gabrielson founded this now American-based company in 2016. Oliver Cabell footwear is conceived to go beyond seasonal style, and the new Court sneaker will, we have no doubt, underline that mission.

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