“Architecture is invention” – Oscar Niemeyer.

Staying loyal to the unanimous words of Oscar Niemeyer, Brazilian architectural duo Felipe Hess and Renata Pedrosa joined forces to completely renovate the interior of a 1500 square foot apartment located in the Oscar Niemeyer’s masterpiece Copan building, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Completely demolishing the apartment, to breathe new life in to the interior, only the concrete columns remained to create an open loft plan with communicable spaces. The simple white walls, use of concrete and clean lines defines the masculine style throughout as well as the spacious nature of the apartment.

A central block was built separating intimate from social areas, and internally the concrete block contains cupboards and closets for contemporary, concealed storage.

The installation of a large wooden bookcase provides a homely-air to the interior, and is designed succinctly to fit behind the desk which houses the owner’s vast collection of CD’s and LP’s to harbour their DJ sets at home entertaining friends. With a view of Sao Paulo’s stunning skyline, being situated on the top of the 31st floor of the iconic building, it rather lends itself as the perfect party venue.

Refining the design are large raw steel doors that separate the bedroom from the social area and when opened they create the perception of an enlarged living area. Acting as a memoir to the apartment’s previous guise, in the bedroom, a concrete wall of the original building has been preserved, left boasting the scars of more than 50 years standing.

Boasting a life of simple sophistication, the Oscar Niemeyer Apartment.







Images courtesy of Trend Land.