“We should attempt to bring nature, houses and the human being to a higher unity”   -Mies van der Rohe.

Sitting amongst the backwaters of the imposing Gangapur Dam in Nasik, India, the backwater is framed by the beautiful Sahyadri mountain ranges that help render the entire site like an idyllic dream.

Thus, working within context of the enchanting backdrop, the intention of the Panorama house could not have been simpler; creating a contemporary living space to frame the idyllic images and magnificent plays of weather seasons in a picture perfect view.

The result is wonderfully achieved; as designer Ajay Sonar has eloquently created a fluid space that effortlessly blends the interior and exterior with the nature beyond the structure itself.

Constructed from a simple concrete cuboid shape, selected to match the earthy tones of the surrounding area, the house is supported with Miesien columns providing a elevated perch to capture the incredible views even closer.

The combination of a large concrete structure and columns creates a rather obtrusive image of a robust exterior, but the reality in fact is quite the opposite. A full height sliding window panels runs the entire length between columns helping to compose the views even further as well as acting as a natural funnel of light in to the home.

Designed to incorporate just three materials- vowing to maintain the purity of space and to stand opposed to the current trends of using an infinite number of artificial materials- the whole house is complete in a single R.C.C Slab to create a special, singular unit.

The interior continues to evolve the minimalist clean appearance to that of the exterior, and is delightfully furnished with a variety of wooden veneers and furniture to create a warm, homely appeal.

Simply showcasing the art of modern architecture, it is fitting to leave the last word to the man behind it all, Ajay Sonar, as he explains the real inspiration behind the Panorama house.

“As a child everyone cherishes memories of drawing the sun rising from two mountains and reflections of it in water and birds soaring in the sky. We thus make an effort to frame these prized moments towards infinity, to create the Panorama House”

Photography courtesy of Hemant Patil.