The reinvention of minimalism.

“Parisian, Parisian, Parisian.” That is how en-vogue architect Joseph Dirand introduces his elegant Paris apartment.

The son of Jacques Dirand, undisputedly one of the most famous interior photographers of a generation, and now one of the most revered architects, Dirand jr. has established a formidable reputation of incorporating classic French styles in to minimalist interiors.

Within his latest creation, his very own flat, minimalism acts as the ultimate expression with the subtle installation of classic elements, such as the parquet floors and bronze doorknobs adorning the sophisticated interior.

Creating a home that reflects the rhythm of his modern life, the expansive living and dining quarters lend themselves for entertaining while the series of bedrooms provide ample privacy for his family of four.

Dirand’s apartment could easily be mistaken for one that is miraculously well-preserved, or painstakingly restored. The parquet de Versailles, the elaborate moldings, the bronze doorknobs are all quintessentially special French elements.

Whilst the slightly irregular walls subtly shift in colour, ranging from cream colourtones in the bedroom, to more palatable grey shades in the hallway and kitchen.

The intricate layout of the house is supplemented with floor-to-ceiling windows that allow light to food in to every room- creating perfect conditions for interior photography- Dirand’s father will be proud.

The classic details throughout the apartment are balanced with modern elements, particularly in the kitchen and the master bedroom, where the implementation of large slabs of marble, add a sophisticated, signature touch to Dirand’s work.

Despite its showroom-like appearance, and revered touches of design and details, Joseph Dirand simply describes the apartment as “Just my home.” Although, in reality, this Parisian apartment’s sophisticated style is like no other.