They say it pays to look up; but with our heads in the clouds we may forget that beauty can lie elsewhere. Particularly when it is right under our feet. But the ongoing photographic series from Sebastian Erras gives us a gentle reminder to look down just a little bit more often.

Paris is known for may different guises – yet it’s moniker of ‘The City of Art’ was not born out of its array of vibrant flooring, although it could’ve been. Originally inspired by a trip to Morocco, Erras began to hunt down his new-found passion for mosaics back in France and that is the moment that he first became aware of the beautiful floors that graced the French capital.

The simplicity and consistency of frame, that is designed to keep the focus on the tiles, has given birth to one of the most original and popular Instagram accounts of recent times - @parisianfloors. Each shot within the account is uniform, with a cropped image of Erras' shoes the only external influence to the surrounding decoration. The repetitiveness, of course, highlights the intricacies and exquisite forms of brightly coloured tiles and scenes that exist underfoot. Although, the Parisian series is by far the most iconic, Erras has recently explored floors across the continent, treading on some of the finest from Venice and London.

Check out our favourites from the series below and be sure to follow Sebastian Erras on Instagram, @sebastianerras, to stay updated with the latest treasures that he, quite literally, stumbles upon.

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