In the five years since its inception, Nordic Knots has firmly cemented itself as a go-to for beautiful handmade rugs. Its designs range from the statement-making to the subtle, so there's something for every taste and interior style. While we can never get enough of Nordic Knots' elegantly understated minimalist designs, it's the label's offering of patterned rugs that has us hooked at the moment. Boasting unique patterns inspired by various elements of Scandinavian architecture and nature, they're guaranteed to add the perfect amount of character to any home. Scroll on for five of our favourites.

Sand Nomad Rug

Nordic Knots collaborated with renowned tattoo artist Erik Lööf of Stockholm Classic Tattoo Studio to create this unique design inspired by the heritage of Nordic nomadic tattoos. Hand-knotted with 100% wool, it's as cosy as it is stylish.

Cross Jute Rug

Handwoven jute rugs require a huge amount of artisanal skill and experience, but the result – as you can see here – is a rare sense of character and unparalleled quality. We particularly love the subtle cross patterning that will uplift any living space.

Cream/Blue Classic Rug

For a truly timeless look that will suit any room, you can't go past Nordic Knots' elegant Classic Rug. Handwoven from 100% New Zealand wool, it offers a super soft feel that will last a lifetime.

Cream/Black Fjord Rug

This versatile design is inspired by the Norwegian coastline and its estimated 1,200 fjords. Soft and shaggy, it will bring warmth and cosiness to any room.

Grey Archipelago Rug

As its name suggests, the unique pattern of Nordic Knots' Archipelago Rug is inspired by the view from above of the many islands in the Stockholm archipelago. The combination of cool hues will look great against a neutral backdrop.

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