We're not always fans of automotive art. Too often, artists attempting to depict great motor vehicles at play have tended to put too much into their work, over-stylising what should be a simple task, resulting in hyperactive, over-busy work.

Now though, we've come across the pared-back art of Martin Miskolci, the man behind Petrolified, an art brand that focusses specifically on minimalist representations of great cars.

Miskolci has come up with a bold template that dares to leave out what so many insist on putting in. Each print, available framed at Petrolified, has the car's name at the top and an apparently simple side view just below centre, backed by a different colour each time.

The result is tasteful enough for the most demanding of interior designers. Miskolcki's calm take on the clear lines of these classic designs brings the best of the car indoors and onto your wall.

Some of the vehicles are generic classics such as a Lamborghini Miura in yellow, a Ferrari F40 or a monochrome Jaguar E-Type. A Nissan Skyline GT-R appears in front of a rising sun, headed with the car's Japanese nickname "Hakosuka".

Miskolcki also illustrates unique vehicles, with a particular emphasis on racing versions of Porsche's 911, and collaborates with collectors who have unusual and cult cars.

Petrolified has a such an unusual and dedicated approach that we can see a collection of these pieces on the wall of a den or study. They're that good.



Ferrari-F40-Originals-1024-thumb_2048x2048 Jaguar-D-Type-Originals-1024-thumb_2048x2048