How you envisage your dream motorbike to be conceived is how Clockwork Motorcycles painstakingly, yet poetically, restore all machines under their supervision.

The garage’s latest creation - the dark and seductive Honda CB750 -  is no different as despite the clean, elegant and minimal aesthetic of the bike; it took maximum effort and attention to detail to achieve.

The forgotten Honda arrived with a depleted engine, a tank on edge of extinction and years worth of wear and tear that was slowly decaying every last detail of the bike. Immediately the Clockwork team rebuilt the engine, including new pistons, rings and exhaustive machining on the valve seats. Elsewhere, the tank was reinstated to factory quality and every last detail thereafter was aggressively modified, swapped or discarded to ensure the bike not only looks, but runs smoothly. Including, the introduction of progressive suspension shocks at the rear with new springs up front, a new battery box and discreet wiring system that contributes to the clean, elegant appearance of the bike.

Most impressively of all though, is the new and improved lineage of the bike. The svelte shape and dramatic proportions of the vehicle make the Honda appear more aggressive and exciting than ever before – and that, with the rich history of this sport bike – is perhaps the greatest testament of all.

Take a closer look at the Phantom Bike below and be sure to check out the Clockwork Motorcycles website for more of their extraordinary custom-builds.