Mid-century design of all sorts has never been more popular, and that means, at the high end, prices are sky high for the rarest and most desirable pieces.

At the upcoming Phillips Design Auction in New York on 9 June, the pieces on offer and the estimates of the prices they're expected to achieve is evidence of that.

Take a pair of elegant "Ambassador" armchairs designed in 1955 by Jean Royère, an important figure in the French avant garde design movement. With a semi-circular base form, echoed in the shape of the back, splayed oak legs and in a teal fabric, these chairs are instantly desirable.

Phillips suggestion is that if you desire them enough, between $220,000 and $280,000 should be enough to get them in your living room.

There's more, much more. Between $180,000 and $240,000 will get you a pair of sumptuous forest green velvet armchairs by Carlo Mollino, a bargain when you consider that a collector paid $3,824,000 for a Mollino oak table in 2005.

At the more inexpensive end in the Phillips sale is a black leather swivel chair by the Danish master Arne Jacobsen that would look right at home in a Bond movie. Around $50,000 should secure it for your lair.

One of our favourites is cheaper still, estimated at $15,000 to $20,000. It's a spidery swivel chair by Jacobsen's countryman Hans J Wegner. Perfect for the office.