Every one of us growing up had the ultimate adulation for anyone who had a tree house, or in fact had ever been in a tree house, or simply anyone who had ever seen one. The enchanting charisma of the tree house, however, still lives on courtesy of the Planchonella House by Jesse Bennett.

Sat subtly in the flourishing tropics of Queensland, Australia, the Planchonella House is intricately connected to its leafy surroundings. Constructed from an organic design featuring a flat concrete roof and minimalist columns supporting the glass-fronted façade, the house exudes contemporary living.

Implementing simple and honest techniques throughout construction, the wings on side of the property float and extend in to the rainforest, meanwhile the large flat roof stretches over the home to act as a canopy for the balconies below.

Planchonella House was designed with a simple idea in mind- to create a series of joyful spaces to inspire and enrich daily life. Unequivocally achieved, the house embraces the rich rainforest surrounds and utilises experimental passive design methods throughout the exterior.

Internally, however, the home takes on a unique retro-inspired aesthetic. Containing timber detailing throughout to create a natural feel, the décor is complete with vibrant tropical prints and specialist craftsmanship.

Meanwhile, the astute organisation of the structure wraps around a courtyard area which offers unobstructed views of the surrounding environment; further strengthening the connection with the outdoors. Refined with ventilated passive cooling elements throughout the house, the large and airy rooms are naturally lit by the floor-to-ceiling windows which overlook the tree canopies.

Experience how nature feels courtesy of the Planchonella House by Jesse Bennett.