A modern, minimalist experiment on the theme of natural survival; Maxim Scherbakov presents ‘Plantscape.’

Representing the relationship of natural and man-made forms; Plantscape displays the survival of the plant in typically unsuitable environments. Presented in a range of different scenarios, where plants have to grow, adapt and entwine to find their own way of light, Scherbakov stimulates that un-natural phenomena through a selection of neutral-coloured concrete blocks, structures and pots.

The modules of the different ‘Plantscapes’ replicate the real urban conditions that evolving cityscapes have inflicted on plants. With the gaps between the parapets, the concrete structures, the paving tiles, the drains all places where nothing can grow, forming the inspiration behind the project.

Through his modern and stylish conceptual framework, Scherbakov serves up the precarity of natural growth through his post-Soviet inspired structures comprised of limestone, concrete and brass.  Take a closer look at the entire Plantscape collection below.