With lockdown restrictions still in place in many countries around the world and working from home having become a reality for a great deal of us, now is the time to invest in our interiors – and where better to turn to than Polkra? The London based brand has made a name for itself as a one-stop-shop for high quality homewares characterised by timeless yet personality-filled designs. Expect everything from vintage-inspired glassware to handwoven rugs, all offered at reasonable prices thanks to the absence of any middlemen. As we hunker down and prepare for winter at home, we're eyeing these three homewares from Polkra.

Osier Handwoven Cotton Rug

Handwoven in Jaipur, India using traditional looms, this flat weave cotton rug epitomises Polkra's dedication to high quality craftsmanship. The lively Matisse-inspired palm design will make the rug a unique focal point and invigorate any room.

Green Double Stripe Linden Cushion

Although an often overlooked living room addition, a cushion can make all the difference to a sofa, seriously upping its cosy factor. Polkra's Linden Cushion is handcrafted in India from a combination of linen and silk, offering the ultimate touch of luxury.

Calypso Rose 100% Coconut & Bees Wax Candle

On chilly evenings, there's nothing quite like lighting a beautifully scented candle and letting the warmth, light and fragrance spread through the home. This natural wax candle has been exclusively designed for Polkra by award-winning artist Katie Scott. Once the wax meets the bottom of the wick, use the ceramic pot as a pen holder.

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