Price: £134,995 | Year: 2007 | Engine: 3,600 cc flat six, 415 bhp

Could this be the ultimate one-car garage? Here's a Porsche that's bred for the racetrack, a homologation special produced so that this monstrously powerful machine could be raced in series around the world, tamed sufficiently for road use. Think of it as your own pet tiger, partly domesticated but ready to bite when circumstances require. This magnificent machine isn't for the faint-hearted.

The look here is a lot less lairy than your average Porsche 911 GT3 RS, typically found in bright colours with a factory-applied GT3 RS stripe on the lower edge of each side. Here, the original black paintwork has been overlaid, courtesy the high-tech wrappers at LiquidWrap, with a subtle Jet Green Metallic finish, deleting those side decals. The result is almost subtle, if a be-winged, roll-caged rorty Porsche with very visible bright yellow brake calipers can be called subtle. 

Under the adjustable carbon wing and the plastic engine cover - materials are chosen here to save weight - there's the real jewel of this Porsche. The powerplant: a flat six in the 911 tradition. This one was designed by the legendary Porsche engineer Hans Mezger and features a variety of race-bred components such as a single mass flywheel and a close ratio five speed gearbox. You'll have 415 bhp on tap, good for a four second dash to 60 mph and a 193 mph top speed, which might be just sufficient on that trip to Sainsbury's for the weekly shop.

Inside there are, thankfully, more creature comforts than are usually available to those who race these GT3s. Deluxe Alcantara features heavily in the trim, to the steering wheel and the gear lever. Lush. Seats are race style carbon fibre composite buckets, while rear perches have been deleted in favour of the roll cage. This example has air conditioning as well as Porsche's Communications Management system, which provides for the possibility of in car entertainment for those rare moments when the heady sound of that flat six behind you is not symphony enough.

It's the boring non-race practicalities that make this Porsche so alluring. There is satellite navigation for when you're not at the Nurburgring - or indeed when you are - and the front boot is as fully available as on any other 911 for your weekend bags. All that and the knowledge that this is a rare beast, with just 1,168 of these RS models made worldwide. A machine to turn every single journey into the most memorable of experiences

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