Nothing arouses emotion quite like nostalgia.

Exuding an exceptionally special character, this simply stunning Porsche 911 Targa from Singer Vehicle Design is one of the best custom cars to ever catch the OPUMO eye.

Proving that practice makes perfect, this is the second Targa update that Singer Vehicles have completed and it is undisputedly the best yet.

The butterscotch colour exudes a charming 1970’s aura while the interior upholstery blends the rich dark brown leather expertly with the high-shine of the golden chocolate exterior.

It is not merely an aesthetic experiment, as Singer’s latest project also contains a 4.0 litre, 390 horsepower engine that provides an authentic driving experience alongside its iconic appearance.

There simply leaves nothing more to say, than just sit back, relax and wonder at this truly marvellous looking machine. But, of course, if you are after more, be sure to check out Singer Vehicle Design’s website for a closer look at their extensive catalogue of custom cars.