Price: £29,995 | Year: 1993 | Engine: 4 in-line

Introduced in 1991, the Porsche 968 was created for touring. The standard 968 Coupe came equipped with a 3-litre, 4-cylinder engine that produced 240hp, but a few years later the marque set about to create something for the driving enthusiast. Late 1992 saw the birth of the Porsche 968 Club Sport.

Mechanically identical, the only difference between the Club Sport and the standard Coupe was weight saving and a reduction in ride height. In total only 1,928 Club Sports were made worldwide between '92 and '95.

This example comes with striking Guard’s Red paintwork to make a statement from first sight. Within the cockpit you’ll find Recaro bucket seats and an original leather Club Sport steering wheel. The glossy sheen of the Guard’s Red coachwork is contrasted by black cup alloys which epitomise the aggressive racing appearance of this Porsche 968 Club Sport.

The Porsche 968 Club Sport was named performance car of the year in 1993 thanks to what was going on underneath the bonnet. A 4-cylinder 3-litre engine powers the rear wheels through a smooth 6-speed gearbox.

Our favourite touch is the Club Sport logo that adorns each side of the vehicle. This classic addition ensures that this rare example exudes vintage appeal. Altogether, this machine hasn’t lost any of its original charm and it’s sure to leave a mark wherever it’s spotted.

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