Are you tired of hiding your smile due to stained or discolored teeth? Fortunately, achieving a brighter, more confident smile is easier than ever. With Pro Smile, you can whiten your teeth at home with ease and efficiency, leaving behind the hassle of traditional whitening strips, powders, and colored toothpaste. In fact, Pro Smile is proven to be up to 60 times more effective than these alternatives.


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About Pro Smile

Pro Smile was founded and created by UK Dentist Julian Perry, who aimed to revolutionize elective cosmetic dental treatments. Dr. Perry's vision was to provide professional, affordable teeth whitening and aligner treatments, all while ensuring they are subject to clinical suitability. With Pro Smile, you can trust that you're getting the highest quality care and products, backed by dental expertise.

How to whiten your teeth at home with Pro Smile

Pro Smile offers a range of teeth whitening kits that cater to your specific needs. Their Night Teeth Whitening Kit is perfect for those with sensitive teeth, as the gels are designed to be worn overnight for optimal results. If you're on the go, the Day Teeth Whitening Kit is your ideal choice, delivering positive effects in just 45 minutes with a 6% Hydrogen Peroxide formula. Additionally, Pro Smile offers Teeth Whitening Gels in syringes, providing enough for at least two rounds of whitening (trays not included).

Why Pro Smile

What sets Pro Smile apart from high street dentists is not only their affordability but also their efficiency. When you order from Pro Smile, you can start your teeth whitening journey within four days, compared to the potential two-week wait at a traditional dentist's office. Moreover, Pro Smile understands the needs of those with sensitive teeth and includes desensitizing gels in their kits, ensuring a comfortable and effective whitening experience.

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