In the realm of menswear, Rains stands as a beacon of innovation, blending conceptual design with functionality to create wet-weather outerwear that's both stylish and reliable. Rains is more than just a brand; it's an outerwear lifestyle that draws inspiration from the urban landscape and adds its unique neo-Scandinavian touch. At the heart of Rains' collections is its signature fabric – a coated waterproof palette, born from the contemporary reinterpretation of the classic rubber raincoat. Whether you're on a bustling city street or exploring nature's wonders, Rains has you covered. And they're not limited by geography; Rains' influence extends across four continents, bringing their consistently surprising curation and unisex collections to fashion-conscious consumers worldwide.


How Rains came to be

Rains, founded in 2012, embarked on a mission to reinvent the traditional rubber raincoat, drawing inspiration from the unpredictable Scandinavian weather and the region's design heritage. This Danish rainwear pioneer has seamlessly blended age-old craftsmanship with innovative techniques, transforming into a globally acclaimed rainwear brand that embodies both style and practicality. Their collections bear witness to their dedication in crafting understated, enduring rainwear. In a realm where fashion converges with functionality, Rains has established itself as a niche leader, urging men to embrace wet-weather style with a newfound confidence.

Why Rains

Rains stands out due to its global appeal, spanning continents and resonating with those who value the perfect blend of design, functionality, and a hint of Scandinavian sophistication. Their unisex collections cater to a wide range of tastes, ensuring inclusivity for all. Rains is more than just rainwear; it embodies a lifestyle, embracing unexpected weather with confidence and style. It represents an investment in outerwear that not only shields you from the elements but also complements your fashion sense. Join the Rains community to experience wet-weather fashion like never before and turn rain into a canvas for self-expression, with Rains as your trusted companion.

What products is Rains known for

Rains is renowned for its versatile range of products, with two standout collections. The Thermal series offers a comprehensive selection of jackets designed for various climates and styles, from lightweight liners to winter-ready options. It prioritizes functionality and protection in adverse weather conditions. On the other hand, the Travel series presents a line of bags exclusively engineered for travel purposes. These bags follow a minimalist design philosophy while incorporating technical innovations, catering to the needs of modern travelers seeking both style and functionality.

Is Rains sustainable

Rains embraces sustainability through eco-conscious practices, including ethical production methods. Their commitment to durable designs also promotes longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements and contributing to a more sustainable fashion industry.

Where can you buy Rains

The Denmark-based brand has stores across Europe, the United States, Australia and China. Alternatively, Rains ships internationally (and does so with the planet in mind).

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