Explore how nature feels with the spectacular Red Rock Beach House by Bark Design Architects.

Nestled succinctly within the coastal landscape of Queensland, Australia, the house provides inhabitants with a close connection to the beauty and the vivaciousness of the Red Rock headland.

To enhance the relationship with the natural world even further, uniform lines of trees have been deployed to map the perimeter of the house; providing a natural shelter for a secluded and private dwelling. The components of the house have also been carefully selected to lower the footprint of the property, most noticeably through by the primary Moreton Bay Ash and Banksia trees throughout the site.

Of course, the magnificent ocean views command attention immediately, but that is a credit to the various platforms and gradients of the property that perfectly frame the landscape. The Red Rock Beach House is formed on the exploration of lightness, layers of transparency and the integration of indoor and outdoor living areas. In doing so, the house unfolds and entwines with the special landscape quite like no other property.

Explore the property for yourself by taking the visual tour below.