Highly efficient and entirely unique; the Rhyll House by Jarchitecture represents a new wave in architectural design.

Engrossed by nature, the house adopts a sharp, bold and textural appearance to complement the landscape. For instance, a solid black box appears to stretch out the of ground to form the functional modern home that succeeds in both style and function.

The top level of the house acts as a self-sufficient lookout out for the young family that occupy the house, while downstairs offers a range of social spaces including a swimming pool, spa and cinema area. The two levels are juxtaposed through their interior decoration; upstairs is refined with ornamental features while downstairs remains minimal and simplistic to create a vivid visual contrast between warm and rustic and contemporary elegance.

But, as previously atoned, the design exists as more than just an aesthetic experiment. The home takes course from the landscape in order to be highly efficient. The environmental design features include high grade timber cladding, solar heated pool, insulated walls, floor and ceiling and optimised cross ventilation.

The astute design in combination with the elegant aesthetic leaves one question to ask – what more could you want from a home?

Explore the home for yourself in the image gallery below and be sure to check out the Jarchitecture website for more stunning examples of modern architecture.

Images courtesy of Shannon McGrath.