Redefining previously neglected spaces is one of the most innovative and enchanting aspects of modern architecture. None more so distinctly impressive than Richard Smith’s Car Repair home.

Situated in Sydney, Australia, Smith’s latest endeavour takes inspiration from the structure’s previous incarnation; a disused Auto repair shop.

Subtle nods to nostalgia are made throughout the design, with the authentic aged brick exterior acknowledging the rich workman history of the building that was once much loved and utilised.

Inside, the sweeping concrete floors have been updated to transform the look of a mechanical floor in to an extremely clean, versatile floor space. The remainder of the interior, however has undergone a complete renovation.

The newly installed vocal point is the spectacular cathedral style ceilings that create an entirely new appearance to the house. Matched up with exposed timber beams, the design offers an astute blend of contemporary living with subtle rustic features.

A scattering of large framing windows allows further natural light to flood in to the interior, while the entirely open-plan design ensures that the whole build exudes an extremely modern, but most importantly, liveable interior.

Finally intricate outdoor areas, including sheltered patios and courtyards create a unique, private space amongst the imposing brick interior.

With all elements of modern living adhered to; an abundance charming character, pioneering contemporary design, privacy in space and simply beautiful aesthetics; the Richard Smith Car Repair home is nothing short of spectacular.