Project name: RS Apartment | Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Completed: 2019 | Architect: Studio Arthur Casas

RS Apartment by Studio Arthur Casas is unmistakably located in Rio de Janeiro. The bright apartment proudly overlooks Brazil’s world-famous Ipanema Beach as well as providing stunning ocean views. The clients requested a place in which they could spend certain seasons and which had enough space to entertain guests when they were there.

The 520 sq.m. floor plan is adapted so that the highest number of rooms – five suites, integrated living and dining area – could be located around the perimeter of the apartment. As the entrance to RS Apartment is positioned at the centre of the plan, the rooms arranged around the perimeter are treated to an uninhibited view of the surroundings.

RS Apartment’s interior is decidedly minimal and modern but maintains a cosy, homely feel thanks to the furniture choices. The furniture arrangement mixes national and international choices as well as several pieces designed by Arthur Casas himself. A soft colour palette ensures that the views remain the centre of attention, though vibrant blue pieces punctuate the colour palette to add an exciting angle to the interiors.

Although the social spaces of RS Apartment make the most of the open areas, the private rooms are aided by a long sliding door which provides privacy when closed and hides completely when unused. This is an essential addition in keeping with the client’s request for a homely apartment that easily accommodates groups of guests.

Photography by Filippo Bamberghi.