Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Roland Sands Design have delivered another Yamaha collaboration; and it definitely packs a punch.

They’ve fused together the ‘Faster Sons’ heritage style along side the bikes racing pedigree and technology. It also has a nod towards legendary motorcycle racer Kenny Roberts’ TZ750, with the bike adorned in a bee-style yellow and black colour scheme.

As expected the bike is loaded with some serious specs and is definitely no slouch.  The bike features an 850cc engine, which is housed within a lightweight aluminium frame. RSD’s brainchild features many new concepts, such as prototype clarity timing cover, rearsets, rear brake reservoir and case guards. Along with the guard, timing plug and axle sliders.

The body rests on two aluminium wheels, which are wrapped in Dunlop Q3 tyres. The leather seating is also custom made by the Bitchin Seat Co, which perfectly accentuates the eye-catching colour scheme running across the body.

The inspiration for the bike is rooted within the designer’s dreams of days gone by. They harked backed to simpler times with sunny days at the tracks viewed from the perspective of a wide-eyed child dreaming to be in the thick of the action. That’s what s so endearing about the bike; the youthful exuberance that can be felt from the very first glance.

It is simply everything you would get if you asked a kid to put together his ideal bike.