“We have nothing new, and having nothing new is very new in fashion,” says Salle Privée founder, Patrick Munsters. This quotation embodies the spirit of the brand, a brand that’s doing things differently. The label doesn’t conform to seasons, because this enforces the throwaway attitude often applied to modern fashion. Instead, Munsters has created, and is perfecting one collection of garments that ensure timeless relevance. Carrying this attitude into all facets of living, Salle Privée also curate a collection of lifestyle accessories. One of these facets is fragrance, which has just landed online at OPUMO.

The Salle Privée Mission

The brand's stated mission is very simple. To change the way men view their clothing and their essentials - namely, fragrance. Patrick Munsters believes that men have been misled for many years by the changing seasons of fashion. The transient aspect of each seasonal collection promotes buying to wear once or twice before throwing away or replacing. Simplifying things and slowing them down is Munsters’ mission. By making one collection of timeless garments, there’s less to think about but that doesn’t mean sacrificing looking good. Look to style instead of trend. Look to essentials, well-crafted classics and signature scents that work for you - no matter the occasion. 

Salle Privée Scent Inspirations

Patrick Munsters is inspired by environments. Cities are a foundational inspiration for Munsters, filled with people that travel, cities have access to everything, connected to art and design, the environment makes things work. As well as cities, Salle Privée takes after the long sartorial tradition of Italy, but slightly alters it. Italians know how to make great patterns and garments, combining this with a stylish but slightly minimalistic view brings you to Salle Privée.

Salle Privee

Three Salle Privée Scents To Look For:

Salle Privée Le Temps Perdu Eau De Parfum

Mixing both raw and refined, Le Temps Perdu aims to bring back memories of lost times. Paying homage to Marcel Proust's Nostalgia, this confident yet minimalist scent has a sophistication that most do not.

Salle Privée Monochrome Eau De Parfum 

If you know us at OPUMO at all, then you know we love anything monochrome. Salle Privée have embodied the elegant simplicity of monochrome in this woody fragrance.

Salle Privée Celluloid Heroes Eau De Parfum

This scent is as fresh as its grey blue colouring. A sandalwood base provides a substantial foundation while higher notes of cucumber and lemon lend the scent a clean, refreshing aspect.

Salle Privee

Salle Privee

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Salle Privee

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