A natural beauty.

Proving that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, the Santa Clara Accessory collection from Peca presents simple yet resounding features of modern sculpture.

Blending handcrafted marble and hammered copper, the Santa Clara collection takes it name from the Santa Clara del Cobre district of Mexico, the birthplace of traditional Mexican coppersmiths, and the very region where the copper pieces are produced.

The latest Peca collection, curated by head designer Caterina Moretti, visibly entwines history with the elegance of the natural copper and marble. Creating a collection of versatile office organisers and accessories, from paperweights, bookends and simple storage holders, they all appear as the perfect home for your important office essentials.

The artisan nature and subsequent versatility of each piece makes for a unique and understated addition to your work space. With a modest form, the Santa Clara accessories showcase that beauty exists in the smallest of detail.

Visit the Peca website for a closer look at their traditional and innovative catalogue of design.