Libraries often supply a moment of isolation, taking you on a trip to your own enchanting world. With the Seashore Library by Vector Architects, you are transported to another enthralling realm before you even open a book.

Located in the peaceful coast of Bohai Bay, a three-hour drive away from the Chinese capital, Beijing, the new facility is part of an extensive retreat that aims to provide a quieter lifestyle than that available in the city.

The idyllic retreat takes on a rather rigid, cubic structure and contains a large open reading area, meditation space, multi-functional activity room, bar and tranquil resting area.

Residing as if it appears merging from the water, the spaces within the structure are carefully designed to contain a unique relationship with the ocean to the east, natural light and the frequent winds which stretch across the district- using each of these elements to varying degrees to exert a fresh impetus in to the project.

Unsurprisingly, the dedicated reading area is the largest space in the building, comprising of two stories and a tiered series of tables and chairs so that the calming views can be enjoyed from anywhere in the room.

Anchoring the entire project are a series of operable glass walls which complete the ground level, possessing the ability to pivot open for a natural breeze in the summer sun, whilst also offering further views of the surrounding landscape.

Elsewhere, the meditation room is the smallest room within the whole structure, residing on the upper level of the complex. In stark contrast to the reading room, the meditation area only contains two small 30cm wide windows that do not allow views of the landscape but instead carefully control the levels of light filtering in to the room. Thus, the space changes mood throughout the day, moulding to the qualities of light at sunset in comparison to sunrise, so the visitor is only left with the natural light alongside the sounds and smell of the ocean.

Serenity personified; The Seashore Library by Vector Architects.