Taking a walk through history, Shed 19 by Andrea Oliva Architetto represents a significant milestone in not only the illustrious past of the Reggio Emilia city but also modern, innovative architecture.

Renovating the city’s forgotten past, Andre Oliva Architetto completely revitalise a large industrial unit in to a contemporary, multi-functional space fit for any purpose.

But in order to truly comprehend and recover an industrial architectural project, it is essential to understand its significance.

In 1901 the “Officine Righi” chose the suburban area of Santa Croce for their industrial settlement, due to its travel links to surrounding cities. In 1904 the name changed to the “Officine Meccaniche Reggiane”, and the industrial unit was transformed in to a plant that started producing weapons and war material during the First World War.

Latterly, in the mid thirties the industrial division was once more transformed in to a large war aircraft production department. Which coincidently was both appreciated and feared; for this reason, in January 1944, the Allies carpet-bombed the entire “Reggiane” region.

Thus, extensive research and investigation were used to identify possible future transformations, leading Andrea Oliva Architetto to view the areas deterioration as a starting point of excavation. In the same way a building in ruins reveals its original composition and structure, the memory of labour sounds, smells and machines remain the essential part of the industrial sites architecture.

Shed 19 represents the entire history, and can only be described as theatrical; transforming the scene to modify its memory in to a contemporary reality.

Remaining loyal to the original structure, Shed 19 features an imposing large roof structure whose figurative features are expressed through the shape of the empty, confined space that resides below. As a consequence the available area and the public space below is improved through an abundance of natural materials alongside the stream of glass windows that flood natural light in to the large structure.

Shed 19 by Andrea Oliva Architetto is completely unique. Recapturing history with an astute eye for architectural detail.