Shon Mott is the brainchild of brothers Pep, Kiko and Lluís Buxó, who, since establishing the Barcelona-based brand in 2015, have been committed to replicating the aesthetic experience of the world in which they grew up. A relaxed Mediterranean spirit infuses their clothing collections, with a focus on minimalism and functionality – think neutral hues, simple silhouettes and beautifully textured fabrics. In drawing on their roots and the natural environment around them, Pep, Kiko and Lluís are fiercely dedicated to sustainable production, designing garments that will be loved for decades, not seasons.

The brand's latest spring/summer '21 collection perfectly captures the essence of the Shon Mott world, which the brothers claim is characterised by "knowledge, history, traditions, and culture". Underpinned by a Mediterranean-inspired aesthetic whilst drawing on the work of artists and architects like Xavier Corberó, Constantin Brancusi and Mark Rothko, the clothes boast clean, architectural lines and the fusion of technical qualities with touch-me textures.

To mark the new collection, Shon Mott has released a campaign film, entitled 'A Spring Film', directed by Pau Carreté and starring Galician dancer and model Gonzalo Alonso and Barcelona-based architect Laia Rafel. Shot on black and white film and set on the streets of Barcelona, it captures the interplay between light and dark, drawing focus to juxtaposing elements – winter and spring, beginning and end, pursuit and persuasion. The music of Jordi Dalmau soundtracks the video, lending it an emotive quality that makes it feel more like an arthouse film than a fashion campaign.

Ultimately, 'A Spring Film' serves as a sort of glimpse into the world of Shon Mott, which is evidently so much more than a clothing brand.

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