Danish architecture firm Konrad Wojcik present a new solution to sustainable housing; simultaneously saving the world and bringing out the inner child in us all. The architectural team have created a house that leaves no imprint on nature, with the project simply called ‘Primeval Symbiosis’.

The inspiration for the structure was garnered from the shape and functionality of a tree and going back to the Earth’s primal roots, before the rise of humans. The house is an interpretation of sustainable living outside of the city and is built for two; with the opportunity to extend to four on special occasions.

The build stands to exist wholly on its surroundings to provide it with energy, with solar panels that feed into the structure and also gather water installed to help the inhabitants to survive. It also has a mechanism, which turns bio-waste into fertiliser, enriching the soil to help conserve energy.  The house, like nature and every other organism, mirrors the circle of life by highlighting how everything can be reused and conserved for energy.

The property is also a way for earth-conscious individuals to live a pure sustainable life, alongside its beautiful minimal design. The Single Pole Treehouse allows us to get back to being one with nature and away from a mundane city tower block. After all, we have always wanted a treehouse.