Why conform to reality? That simple question is seemingly the thought process of Joey Ruiter every time he embarks on a new project.

In his studio in West Michigan, Joey is redefining the expectations of the world through his trademark reinterpretations of classic pieces of art and industrial design. But it is not merely for aesthetic purposes. Joey’s signature style of combining a range of ideas into one piece of intuitive design continues to shock and inspire. For his latest, Joey and his team at JRuiter have stripped down a 1980s Chrysler ‘Sno-Runner’ into a machine that is unlike anything you will have seen before.

The ‘Snoped’ is a perfect representation of what is so adored about JRuiter. For one, it’s enigmatic and unique appearance makes you instantly yearn for a ride while it also presents a whole new idea of what a snowmobile should look like.

The studio has updated the original ‘Sno-Runner' with a lightweight chassis and speed-seeking motorcycle stance that is powered by a 90cc engine. At almost two metres long, the stealth-inspired body is made of aluminium and composite plastics while the front grille is completey overtaken with headlights for a strong, aggressive aesthetic.

Take a closer look at the Snoped in all its glory in the video below. Also, be sure to check out more of JRuiter’s inspiring work on their website here.




Photography studio shots: Dean Van Dis

Photography outdoor: Brian Kelly

Film: Baas Creative