Finally we’re approaching the time when we can open the curtains in the morning to be greeted by daylight rather than cold darkness. With the change in the weather comes a change in attitude – things start to feel a little bit easier and more positive. Why not mirror the brightening weather and mood in your home? Spring has long been the period to redesign your interiors, not only saying goodbye to the things you no longer need but also bringing in some fresh new pieces. We’ll be looking at small ways to emphasise your existing space, whether that’s minimal art prints for the home from Wall of Art or pendant ceiling lights from Vitamin.

Peytil Kroki Print

Peytil’s Scandinavian wall art is the amalgamation of artist Eitil Thorén Due’s passion for fashion illustrations, street art and music. Characterised by Peytil’s unique style, each minimal line drawing encapsulates a sense of movement. The bold, black lines stand in stark contrast to the plain white backgrounds, making these minimal framed prints a subtle but impactful addition to your light-flooded interiors. 

We’re giving prime position to Peytil’s Kroki Print. This open-edition print uses graceful, flowing lines to paint the outline of a reclining woman. Along with a feeling of elegance and calm, this piece feels alive – proving that less is more.

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Wall of Art Turmeric

For young and non-established artists, finding the time and money to print and market work can be the most difficult step in the journey. Wall of Art, founded by Annika and Nicklas in 2017, acts as a sort of online art gallery, providing a platform for lesser-known artists to show and distribute their work. 

This season, we’re opting for Turmeric by Anna Johansson. The free-flowing lines of this wall art print are the manifestation of ‘An afternoon of creative freedom. No pressure and no to-dos.’ A rich turmeric-hued background emphasises the continuity of the white doodles which join with the border. Like Kroki, Turmeric is an easy way to make a statement without drastically altering your minimal interior design. 

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Rear View Prints White Porsche 911 Turbo Car Print

Car lovers know that car design is an art, but just to prove it, Patrick Redmond founded Rear View Prints. Rear View Prints is known for its collection of high-quality framed prints that detail the history of car design. From the evolutions of everyday models like the VW Golf to some of cinema’s most famous motors, there’s a print for everyone.

If there’s one car model that we’ll never get bored of, it’s the Porsche 911 Turbo. This icon of design gets its own tableau at the capable hands of Rear View Prints. From the 930 through to the 991, this illustrated car print shows how the streamlined curves of one of history’s greatest designs have evolved over the years.

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GANTlights B5 Cubic Pendant Light

GANTlights has carved out its own space in the market of minimal lighting for the home with its unique, concrete-fuelled design. From rugged darker concrete to more refined grey concrete, GANTlights’ minimal pendant lighting promises to add an excitingly refreshing angle to your spring interiors.

We think that the B5 Cubic Pendant Light embodies everything that we love about GANTlights. This industrial pendant light illustrates the intriguing tension between weight and weightlessness as well as a sense of rugged refinement. 

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Vitamin Cloak Pendant Lamp

Vitamin could never be accused of not having fun. All of the British studio’s designs blend Scandinavian design principles of simplicity and functionality with flashes of colour and creative design direction. This is never more evident that in Vitamin’s glass pendant lights.

The Cloak Pendant Lamp is made up of masterfully crafted wooden sphere lamps covered in a premium glass dome.  The contrasting wooden globes are made up of oak and walnut respectively and each features an LED spotlight, making the Cloak Pendant perfect for use as a kitchen spotlight. What's more, the seemingly weightless design hangs gracefully in springtime sunlight.

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