In a newly-renovated home in Paris there's an open plan kitchen that would be entirely at home in a small but perfectly formed Michelin-starred restaurant.

The kitchen is the work of the Italian architect Alberto Torsello and every unit is hand-crafted from stainless steel, from base to surfaces, from drawers to cupboards to their handles. A stainless steel dining table completes the picture.

Stainless steel is very much the go-to material for all professional chefs' kitchens because it's durable, versatile, doesn't rust and, perhaps above all, won't provide sanctuary for bacteria.

So much for the function. The form, as this Parisian kitchen illustrates, is calm and unfussy. This is a kitchen designed with one simple aim: to provide meals, not to impress the neighbours when they come round.

Torsello's design blends seamlessly with that of the rest of the apartment, which is finished in minimalist pure white and furnished with mid-century modern pieces. There's a quiet stillness about it that doesn't shout of its meticulous design.

Venice-born Torsello has worked with some of the leading architects of our time, including the British modernist David Chipperfield and Tadao Ando, whose Church of Light is part of a recent miniature concrete sculpture.

Alberto Torsello says his aim with his all work is to create "seamless integration and synergy between space and furniture".

An aim that we'd say is easily met with this kitchen.