Introducing the young pretender, Razvan Boar.

Coming fresh off recent solo exhibitions including ‘Inanimate Objects Obey My Thought!’ and various exhibits across the US and his native Romania, Razvan’s latest project, titled Stump Lunch, is a series of paintings highlighting an eclectic cast of characters.  Layered amongst geometric patterns of circles, diagonals and framing devices the characters take on their own identity that enchant the eye time after time.

Fading in and out of the abstract ground of the canvasses are mesmeric scenes from an imaginary park inhabited by joyful holiday makers, animals and natural elements of the landscape.

The title Stump Lunch, suggests a benevolent picnic spot- that acts as a quiet place of contemplation while walking through the forest. Simultaneously, the tree stump doubles as the site of playful activity- a table, stage or treehouse per say.

Boar’s inventive eye and innovative approach covers surrealism and fantasy in his own trademark, lucid style. Encapsulated perfectly in Stump Lunch, where Boar’s canvases set forth a mythology that invites mystery and allegory into play.

Be sure to check out Razvan Boar’s Stump Lunch Exhibit this month at Ibid. London, showcasing until 3rd October 2015.