There's something simple and soulful about black and white artworks. These five picks from the expert art curators at Tappan will complement all and any decor while adding a real depth to your home.

By Pain or Joy by Sepideh Ilsley

Iranian born, now settled in Australia after many years in Sweden, Ilsley brings influences from this varied background into her remarkably serene work. The minimalist approach invites contemplation, bringing introspective peace to any room in your home. Available as a limited edition archival pigment print.

Monolicious II by Sebastian Weiss

Architecture as abstract art. Hamburg photographer Sebastian Weiss travels far and wide to capture details of buildings that others simply don't see. Here, his unique eye has captured the deceptively simple shapes of a building in Milan, one of Weiss's favourite cities. Offered as a limited archival pigment print.

Whisper 1 by Divine Southgate-Smith

An intriguing two-dimensional sculpture for your wall, the work of an artist fascinated with classical architecture. Southgate-Smith's background in installation art is foregrounded in a piece created using the latest advances in visual technology. A meditative conversation piece now available as a strictly limited edition archival print.

When One Door Closes by Isaac Zoller

This Californian photographer is best known for his depictions of the rugged beauty of his home state. For 'One Door Closes’ Zoller's astute lens takes a simple subject and turns it into an endless series of possibilities, creating a landscape all of its own. Presented as an archival pigment print. 

Hall D by Martinet & Texereau

A unique piece created by French artists Pauline Martinet and Zoé Texereau whose mission is to reveal and release the beauty in our everyday lives. Here their targeted meanderings around Paris have found this remarkable corner, filled with shadows and light. Graphite on paper, only one available.

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