Project name: Tennyson 205 | Location: Polanco, Mexico City | Completed:2019 | Architect: Studio Rick Joy 

Surrounded by buildings on three sides, Tennyson 205 is a five-storey apartment building found on a quiet street in Polanco, Mexico City. The futuristic build opens up to the city only on its west-facing side. 

Tennyson 205 is characterised by three light wells. Each is vegetated using a variety of planters, boxes and hanging vines to add greenery and softness to the exposed concrete structure. These light wells ensure that even the lowest levels of the home are treated to sunlight.

While the structure of Tennyson 205 is far from ordinary, it succeeds in blending in with its residential environment. A limited palette of materials, informed by local building traditions, gives the building the appearance of a carved urban sculpture. In the case of Tennyson 205, it really is difficult to draw the line between sculpture and dwelling.

Greenery is distributed carefully throughout the building to ensure that the interiors never feel cold and baron. What’s more, the contrast between nature and concrete adds unexpected impact to the various courtyards within the building. 

The apartments within the building are the true star of the show. Iconic furniture is given pride of place by the minimal colour palette and floor-to-ceiling glazing that ensures each flat is flooded with natural light. 

Photography by Joe Fletcher.

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