Cadaval & Sola-Morales have designed the first in a series of cabins to built over the spectacular site of Tepoztlan; a small sanctuary of paradise that sits 50km from Mexico City.

The bungalow titled the ‘Tepoztlan Longue’ is envisaged to be a relaxing refuge for travellers to the region. The town itself possesses a unique character built through the pre-Hispanic origins that forged a colonial centre at the heart of the village. This charm is an irresistible pull to the region that contributes to the allure of the Tepoztlan Lounge.

Simply, the project provides a minimal private space for sojourners to escape, with uninterrupted views, natural lighting, nature and tranquillity the defining features of the home.

Exposed to breath-taking views across he valleys, the contemporary cottage is placed on a levelled surface and a small plinth to enjoy shelter amongst the tress. The small box-like structure hovers over the plain to sit proudly on top of the natural occurring slope. The concrete foundations also contribute to the home’s rugged aesthetic that has been painted black to minimise the visual impact on the landscape. What is more, the framed box structure with wide stretching windows maintain privacy at the same time of opening up to nature.

The project itself also contains a dual living area and master bedroom that is separated between the two frontal spaces to allow vegetation to naturally infiltrate the rift in the property.

Take a closer look at the holiday home in the image galley below and for further information take a trip to the Cadaval & Sola-Morales website.