Speed demon.

We all favour an underdog, and that natural, undying love for a fairy-tale is what makes this 1973 BMW 3.0 CSL modified by Joshua Stern so special.

Joshua Stern had a dream to create his ideal coupe, an ambition that he achieved when he modified the supremely special 1973 BMW CSL. Customised to meticulous levels of detail, the BMW stands to exist as a rare hybrid between a super car and classic, gentlemanly run-around.

Stern instantaneously set about completing a full metal restoration; providing the foundation for other delightful extras, including the modified BMW CSL suspension with stock looking coilover, Brembo brake pads from the E46 M3 competition pack and 16” Weds wheels.  Under the hood, the BMW contains a beastly 350bhp S54 3.2 Litre inline 6-cylinder engine and 6-speed transmission from a 2003 M3, finely tuned to make the car drive as smoothly as it looks.

There are also exquisite details that adorn the interior of the car, serving to highlight the beauty of the machine. Inside, the Italian black walnut satin finished trim embellishes the car, while the seats have been revamped in a custom houndstooth to allow for Sterns’ English bulldog to be able to travel in style. The interior restoration was carried out with the help of Juan Ortiz and Stern makes special mention to him and other collaborators, who he says without would not have been able to complete the project.

The 3.0 CS is a favourite of ours here at OPUMOexquisitely designed and modified, its subtle demeanour with animalistic undertones makes it a standout modern machine.