The tired, contrived notion that B&B’s are perhaps not the most luxurious or lavish of residences can now be laid to rest, courtesy of the Bea B&B.

Residing in a stunning rural location in the heart of Knokke-le-Zoute, Bea Mombaers offers an idyllic retreat for every inner-city adventurer.

Combining the traditional elements of an intimate Bed & Breakfast in the form of a secluded garden, swimming pool and homely hospitality – the Bea B&B offers more than its competitors through a selection of beautifully arranged interiors.

The showpiece of the entire property is the minimalist living area anchored by a Michael Ducaroy black leather sofa, which is perfectly placed amongst neutral colours, fur rugs and textured concrete walls.

The level of detail throughout the interior gives every room its own unique personality whilst also remaining completely contemporary, signified by incorporation of natural metals, wood and leather.

Take a closer look around The Bea B&B below, and book your stay via the Bea Mombaers website.