In today’s world, with distractions coming from all angles and to-do lists growing by the day, it’s easy to forget the world around you. Or to forget the things that you rely on – the things that you use religiously every day – and just how important they are. One of the latest brands to land online, Café Leather Supply, has got all those bases covered, though.

Cafe Leather

Who is Café Leather Supply?

Self-confessed pleasure seekers Kiko Requena Bua and Miguel Sanchez Ibanez founded Café Leather Supply in 2016 while on the hunt for authenticity and looking to expand on their passion for well-made things. The Madrid-based pair ventured out of their own city in order to specialise in premium leather goods that are all designed and handcrafted in Spain. In Ubrique, in fact.

This small Spanish village is home to the quintessential leather manufacturers, producing the best leather in the world at the best artisanal factories. Now, it's home to all of Café Leather Supply's leather goods.

For a long time, this small town held the standard for leather tanning on a national level. Given the tradition and the exquisite quality of the final touches by hand, Café Leather Supply leans on this experience to manufacture the highest quality leather goods ranging from driving gloves to wallets.

Cafe Leather

Café Leather Mustard Coffee Leather Key Chain

Perfect to hang on your keys and to hook them near your front door – or even to keep them safely in touch in your coat pocket - the Café Leather Key Chain is a saviour when it comes to getting ready in the morning. It’s also a pleasantly dependable everyday accessory that you’ll use and love every day. One that not only takes steps to protect our belongings, but one that goes to show the wonderful patina that all of Café Leather’s designs will gain over time.

Cafe Leather

Café Leather Roasted Triton Driving Gloves

Traditionally speaking, there are two types of driving gloves: your classic all-leather designs with precise cut-outs and various knitted versions with leather palms. The Café Leather Triton Driving Gloves lean towards the former. The classic racing design ensures that these gloves are incredibly resistant and incredibly comfortable to wear. Plus, the Cobrax original closure and the elastic zone by the wrist makes for a secure fit while the perforated finish allows for a greater breathability.

Cafe Leather

Cafe Leather

Café Leather Black Coffee Leather Osaka Zip Wallet

Probably the most useful of all of Café Leather’s accessories, the simple Osaka Zip Wallet is as multi-functional and dependable as an everyday wallet can be. With a dependable cardholder sewn inside, the zip wallet has the ability to store more than 10 cards comfortably alongside a separate zip compartment which offers space to store coins, cards, receipts and small objects.

Café Leather Black Tolima Travel Wallet

The Café Leather Tolima is the perfect travel accessory for your upcoming summer holiday. It not only looks great but thanks to its small yet spacious size, the wallet will slip easy into pockets and bags but can comfortably hold cards, tickets, boarding passes, notebooks and the all-important passport.

Cafe Leather

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