It may be sad to acknowledge, but single-person households are the fastest growing demographic in the world. Accordingly, the individuality, practicality and interpretation of modern interior design has grown to become a dominant configuration across cities worlwide. Thankfully, the Carafe Table by Charles Wilson ensures the idea of solitary living is more attractive and adaptable as it sounds.

Commissioned by Herman Miller and created by Australian designer Charles Wilson, the Carafe Table – taking its name form a report by Charles and Ray Eames - represents perfect design with modern functionality.

Designed for easy storage and management of everyday electronic equipment – a mainstay of modern life, of course – the table contains hidden drawers to allow objects to be stowed neatly. In doing so, the table can quickly transform from a work hub into a traditional dining table – as devices and endless reams of paper can be stored out of sight.

Not only does the table represent the sophistication and simplicity of modern design but it also serves to address 21st century needs. Twenty years ago, the idea of having a multifunctional table that serves as a computer and dining service would be boorish and inappropriate. Yet, Charles Wilson acknowledges the notion of modern, contemporary living by ensuring the necessity of technology to not be pervasive but simplistic and elegant.

What is more, the table can be altered to adhere to any interior as it is available in three sizes, in oak, cherry or ash wood, with the choice of metal legs in bronze or powder coated in black and white hues.

For further information, be sure to check out the Charles Wilson website.