There is one overriding problem when it comes to purchasing furniture. Beyond the problem of choice, which isn’t such much of a problem, but you get what we mean, is looking at a piece of furniture and wondering how it will actually look in your home. You can take as many pictures you want, request as many material swatches as possible and even experiment with as much augmented reality as you can digest, but that doesn't always help. You won’t know until you see it in your home. The great thing about LOEHR, the latest name to arrive in the OPUMO furniture category, however, is that those problems cease to exist.

Originally founded by three brothers David, Leon and Julian Löhr in Hamburg, although they’re now based in Berlin, LOEHR’s new furniture collection is driven by architectural principles of construction and the interplay of shape and forces. This amalgamation of ideas comes together to create a range of modern, minimal furniture that emphasises shape, form and colour, but is not destined for any specific area in the home.

All of LOEHR’s chairs, tables and sofas have what the brand described as a ‘functional ambivalence’ that fluctuates between the private and the public. With this character, LOEHR encourage new perspectives on living, working and transit spaces. “We believe that the tone of a brand, how its product are staged and presented and in which context they appear, make the difference to how they are remembered,” LOEHR explain. “Our products are shown in very graphical, architectural way that emphasise shape, form and colour. We also guide the viewer to pay attention to the details of our products, which are often an inherent radicality. We do not want to just display images of furniture, rooms or architecture – we want to share an idea.”

Scroll down to discover the new LOEHR arrivals that we’re most looking forward to adding to our home this season.


LOEHR Moss Green DL2 Euclides Two Seater Sofa

LOEHR’s new furniture collection credits minimalism and the De Stijl architectural movement as its major inspirations and you can see those influences quite clearly in the new Euclides two-seater sofa. The understand upholstered sofa is held in a floating position by a light tubular steel frame and the generous seating area offers a comfortable position which encourages conversation. While the premium fabrics, moss colour hue and mirror-polished frame underlines the cosmopolitan and accommodating character of the sofa.

LOEHR Oak JL5 Rectangular Sabeth Dining Table

When it comes to buying a dining table, simple lines, natural materials and neutral colours should take precedence over anything else – as its likely that ornaments, art and chairs are going to take centre stage in that room. Inspired by the same half-timbered architecture of the Faber furniture family, the Sabeth is a more formal evolution of the solid oak table which means it looks just as good in the home as it does in the workplace.



LOEHR Oak JL7 Faber High Table

Filling your home with multi-functional furniture is a simple step to making your interior a lot more comfortable to be in. This LOEHR Faber Table is a case in point, as the half-timber wooden structure benefits from a long unique silhouette that can used for a number of different functions; from a stool, barstool, bistro table, high table or side table.

LOEHR Jet Black L1 Newton Shelf

This season, LOEHR have chosen to operate outside the usual parameters of sofas, tables and chairs to offer understated, storage solutions, too. Finely structured to offer stability through form, this slim-line Newton shelf is made up of two-folded sheets to create its unique triangular profile. The sculpted shape is particularly useful because it makes it easy to line up a series of shelves in one without them appearing as obtrusive or chunky as other shelving alternatives do.


LOEHR Vidar Lemon / White Frame DL2 Euclides Lounge Chair

The same as the LOEHR Euclides Sofa, just in a muted pastel lemon colour hue and in a single-seat silhouette, the Euclides Lounge Chair is more of a statement homeware piece in comparison to the larger sofa. With its clean lines, contemporary colour palette and comfortable seating position, it’s pretty much the antithesis of the entire collection and the ‘A Position of Colour and Shape’ title. Above all that, though, the lounge chair is pretty much unrivalled in comfort.

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