“Every time I see a man on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race” – H.G. Wells.

The Gentleman Bike by Sartorie Meccaniche is inspired by the sporting elegance of yesteryear with a hint of contemporary design.

The result; a simplistically stunning aesthetic that ensures the timeless appeal of the bicycle will ride on forever more.

Featuring an intricately shaved steel frame, painted in a combination of both matte and gloss for an eternally stylish all-black exterior, the bike, despite its nostalgic motivations, stands superior against any modern-day two wheeler created today.

Designed under the mantra of “making things last, with our hands and our hearts”, Sartorie Meccaniche refines the steel frame with a bespoke handlebar and mudguard pairing that are hand-crafted with wood and carbon fibre.

Adorned with an original 1960’s racing saddle and flip flop anonymous wheels; every detail of the Gentleman Bike exudes an air of supreme luxury.

Ensuring you ride in style time after time, the Gentleman Bike by Sartorie Meccaniche is a rare bread of sporting heritage, classic aesthetic and pioneering design. Simplicity personified.