Whether your hallway is poorly lit, or you’ve got a few dull corners in your living space that you're looking to improve, then you won’t go far wrong by introducing a new light source to your interior. One of these Hem Alphabeta Pendant Lamps will do just the job. Colourful, compact and contemporary, the limited-edition lamp, designed in collaboration with Luca Nichetto is bound to liven up any interior.

Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, the two-tone lamp is special in the sense that it emanates light from both the top and bottom of the shade. Which means, despite its relatively diminutive shape, it radiates a lot more light than you would’ve first thought. Perfect, then, for those small spaces and that dimly lit hallway.

Designed for Hem by Venetian designer Luca Nichetto, the Alphabeta shades are crafted from steel and spun by-hand on a lathe in a specialist lighting factory near to his studio in the heart of Venice. It results in a smooth, pristine finish that’s matched to the powder-coated inner surface of the shade for optimal and even light diffusion.

As the Alphabeta name suggests, there is a variety of different ways that the lights can be put together. Hem claim the Alphabeta to be "the world’s first digitally customisable pendant lamp with more than 10 billion possible combinations." It’s a sentiment echoed by Nichetto too, who explains that the inspiration behind the capsule collection of lights was to "create an alphabet". “I wanted to create a system where you can combine different kinds of shades to create your own lamps,” said Nichetto. “I researched different kinds of shades and effects of light, and tried to simplify that by creating a single piece that can be combined with other shades, to create a kind of alphabet,” he added.

The shades are joined by a central metal ‘heartpiece’ and Hem claim that putting the Alphabeta Pendant lights together takes around just a minute. Which is always handy. The cable can drop to a maximum length of two metres and can be customised to varying lengths to suit your needs: whether that’s hung over a kitchen counter, dining table or study desk. The only real decision is what colour you prefer.

Sculptural lighting is the lighting trend to get on board with.