It pays to look back in order to go forward.

OMA Audio take inspiration from audio equipment of the past - in the form of the gramophone - to create their new Imperia Horn Series.

As a distinct move away from modern minimalist design so often seen in home audio, OMA’s Imperia is a four-way horn system with a vertical series of conical horns covering 100Hz to 20kH and a two rear loaded subwoofer. The result provides a rich and warm sound to rival any modern day speaker, beautifully encased within the Imperia’s delicate, vintage exterior.

Designed by David D’Imperio, the Imperia has been crafted from solid Pennsylvania wood, in black walnut, cherry or ash iterations. The latest adaptation has been updated with a rich oil finish, massaged into the wood in order to display and preserve the material’s natural light colour. The original wood acts as a delightful contrast to the metal frame and internal wiring, to produce a modern circular chamber that blends the nostalgic appeal of traditional design with intuitive elements of 21st century technology.

Take a closer look at the delicate details of the Imperia below and visit the OMA Audio website for further information.