Everyone knows Instagram but not everyone knows ‘Vemodalen’, a phrase which equates to the ‘frustration of photographing something amazing when thousands of identical images already exist.’ So, hereby lies the problem. The depressing outlook is that despite your adventures, it is likely that the picture you are about to take has already been taken, and inevitably, the picture in existence is probably better than what you can muster. Therefore, it is imperative to scope the lengths and breadths of Instagram to discover the people who are remarkably, doing things their own way. Which is why we are introducing our weekly new series of the Instagram accounts that you need to follow - with Australian automotive designer, Daniel Cali @DanCali, being the inaugural figure to initiate the series.



Daniel’s images merge both photography with digital montage, and whether he is capturing Lamborghini’s, Caddy’s or even the iconic 91, all the cars rendered by hand. Which gives the entire series a vivacity, spirit and identity which ensures his work is something completely different to likeminded artists and the array of automotive enthusiasts across Instagram.



But perhaps the greatest talent of Daniel’s work is making the classic cars appear life-like. The bold profile shots and deep rich colour palettes make each car appear real; while the selection of landscapes make for the perfect marriage between mid-century design and the modern day lifestyle.

Take a look through some of our favourite shots and be sure to follow Daniel Cali on Instagram, @DanCali.