Witness the changing of the seasons.

Acting as the perfect vantage point, the Juvet Landscape Hotel blends sustainability, style and scenery to stand as one of the finest hotels in the world.

Nestled in rural Norway, the Juvet Hotel is located in the agricultural area of the Burtigarden farm at Alstad in Valldal, situated amongst the birch, aspen and pine trees which beautifully frame the entire site.

Designed by architects Jensen and Skodvin, the hotel contains seven individual cubes that all blend eloquently with the natural environment, to ensure attention is firmly fixed on the spectacular scenery of the Norwegian countryside.

Consisting of nine detached rooms in total, each individual suite boasts a unique perspective on the rugged landscape, with seven rooms etched separately in to the landscape, while the further two are dubbed ‘birdhouses’. Minimalist, secluded retreats that take on a traditional exterior, deriving from the design of Norwegian log houses.

The Juvet Hotel offers more than just its poetic exterior and enchanting views, as the site remains an active nature reserve. With Jensen and Skodvin wanting to create a hotel that would not intrude upon nature, but rather exist in harmony with the landscape.

Thus the creation of the landscape hotel emerged as an opportunity to experience the natural world, with minimal intervention, yet still offering elegant, luxury living.

Innovation enlaced with natural beauty; the Juvet Landscape Hotel is a truly breathtaking   concept. Take a closer at the entire project below and book your stay on the Juvet Hotel website.