It’s never good to second guess a reader but we’re going to do it just this once. We’re assuming you’re pretty clued up on the biggest interior design trends and some of the best new design brands out there – from MOEBE, Normann Copenhagen, Menu and so on. So, we thought we’d give you an alternative interior trend to look out for by introducing you to some of the new names that you need to know in modern art thanks to The Poster Club.

From a sprinkling of Scandinavian art prints to a few photographers thrown in too, this essential edit brings together some of the brightest names in modern art courtesy of The Poster Club’s exclusive selection of limited-edition prints and posters. The brand’s inspiration comes from some of the biggest trends in art, fashion and interior design, which is why you can find every type of print and poster from black and white drawings, abstract prints and artistic photography in one place.

Poster Club

The Poster Club Safe Space Print by Lisa Wirenfelt

Artist Lisa Wirenfelt describes her own artistic experiments as the ‘pancake process’ – “you need to make one bad pancake first, then the rest becomes really great.” She must’ve made a few bad pancakes along the way as now she’s reaping the awards of that artistic experimentation. Her latest endeavour, the Safe Space Print, highlights Lisa’s indescribably good method of making abstract prints and pastel colours stand out way beyond its simple illustration should. In reality, it’s that magical combination which makes her work so spectacular, and so incredibly popular too.

Poster Club

The Poster Club New Form 04 Print by Riikka Kantinkoski

If you haven’t heard of Riikka Kantinkoski yet we think you will have very soon. The Finnish blogger, stylist, interior designer and artist is a woman of many talents, and her latest range of affordable art prints is another exciting extension to her incredibly impressive design portfolio. The New Form 04 Print uses those inspirations to create simple a geometric shape and refined colour palette that will continue to challenge your sense of perception, depth and space at every opportunity that you walk past it.

Poster Club

Poster Club

The Poster Club The Hand Print by Cheiska Fortune Smith

Chieska Fortune Smith is a Japanese-American photographer based in London who uses her observational skills to capture hidden moments, often of ‘awkward beauty’, which makes her black and white prints a little bit more humorous than most. ‘The Hand Print’, for example, utilises shape and shadows to create dimension and create a tasteful classic silhouette, suitable for any space.

The Poster Club No.8 Print by Berit Mogensen Lopez

It’s the balance between the raw and unpolished that makes all of Mogensen’s pieces so special – as the tension between the controlled and uncontrolled ensures each composition is dramatic as well as contemporary. The abstract and organic shapes of this No.8 Art Print gives the illusion of being suspended to create an up-close and dreamlike world. It’s the kind of poster you won’t ever tire of.

Poster Club

The Poster Club Sunset Vibes Print by Loulou Avenue

Inspired by human expression and vintage portrait photography, Dutch-based artist LouLou Avenue has an eclectic range of influences that she has gained from studying at Art School in Italy and at the Academy For Fine Art in Amsterdam, as well as her extensive experience in fashion and styling. Her work makes the most of all those influences by combining mainly ink and charcoal colour palettes with a dreamy and raw aesthetic. None more so impressive than the Sunset Vibes Print, which is one of The Poster Club’s limited-edition prints for 2018.


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