Built on the desire to succeed through expanding modern design parameters, Dutchmann connects master craftsmen with contemporary designers and artists to create collaborations that fuse craft-based practices with progressive ideas.

The results are truly pragmatic. And the latest, the ‘New Black’ is no exception.

A limited edition, ten hand-crafted Porsche Black ‘Pipeline Guns’ surfboards have been created under the guidance of the ‘New Black’ collection.

The classic surf silhouette was originally shaped by Spider Murphy for Shaun Tomson’s inaugural victory in the 1975 Hawaii Masters and since reshaped the future of surfing across the globe. So as you can atone, this isn’t a mere vanity project for the appetite of fashion, each board is meticulously crafted for a truly exceptional feel.

Dutchmann’s collaboration with Spider Murphy is said to be both a celebration of the iconic colours that they apply to their Porsche Weekend Racer & Cruise Series but more poignantly, also a tangible acknowledgement of Bertrand Russell’s quote:

“The secret of happiness is this: let your interests be as wide as possible, and let your reactions to things and persons that interest you be as far as possible friendly rather than hostile”.

The secret of happiness, within this instance, is the combination of intricate design features that create something altogether more special. Each individual surfboard is moulded with a wooden strip, or ‘stringer’ glued down the centre. The board is then milled down to the exact measurements of Shaun Tomson’s 1975 Pipeline Gun, before being shaped, planed and sanded by Spider to create a symmetrical, smooth board.

The crowning glory is a handcrafted fin by Maisch: a small family-run business on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal who supplied the fin to the 1975 original. As tradition dictates, the fin is the most aesthetically understated element of surfboard design, but as one would expect, the Dutchamnn & Spider collaboration has ensured that every detail of the surfboard is unique, including of course, the fin.

Your happiness can be appeased for $2,900, as the New Black edition is available to purchase in limited numbers today. With complimentary boards, in matching colour hues, to be shipped alongside all Dutcmann Porsche Targa Weekend Cruisers.