Creating new riding experiences through changing users’ emotions – Dots Object introduce the Plybike. Emphasising their enthusiasm to push the boundaries of conceptual ideas and functionality to create an entirely new design dialect currently not found in the industry.

The Plybike is the latest installation from the Dots design, the studio that has forged a rich tapestry of innovative silhouettes that focus on the experimentation of various materials, particularly the blend of metal and wood.

Staying true to their distinct heritage, the Plybike uses a unique wood blend that has been developed and proved for functional, outdoor use. The inventive combination of wooden oak, teak and black walnut places an idyllic balance between art and function, whilst remaining archaically astute to the classic everyday bike silhouette.

The coming of age vintage styling is updated by specialist handcraft techniques that see all connections made from high tensile steel with copper finishing, a custom drop bar and crankset both made from CNC aluminnium and finally a luxury leather seat to offer comfort in style.

With only 500 editions set to be produced, via the Dots Object website, the Plybike looks certain to become one the most sought after bicycle releases of the year. Ensuring you will forever ride in style.