Taking Porsche to new heights, quite literally, is the brand new landmark structure from artist Gerry Judah.

Featuring three cars that sit atop of an imposing structure, renowned car giant Porsche have unveiled the commemorative sculpture to celebrate the 911 on the roundabout outside the company’s iconic museum in Zuffenhausen, in Stuttgart, Germany.

Created and designed by pioneering artist Gerry Judah, who curated a similar Porsche structure for the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the new installation features three real, fully working cars; a brand new 911 Carrera flanked by a 911 SC Coupe and a 911 2.2 Coupe Classic. Each individual car is restored to showroom condition to sit delightfully, and proudly at the top of an exemplary engineering pedestal.

Standing at a truly mesmeric 25-foot-high, the structural engineering of the composition was complete by Capita alongside the fabrication from Littlehampton Welding in the UK before being shipped to Germany for assemble on site.

Take a closer look at the Porsche sculpture below, and peer over our favourite Porsche editions to feature on the magazine here.