Given the vast array of incredible art that are is offer all around the place, selecting the perfect art prints and posters to hang on your walls can seem an overwhelming task. But it doesn't have to be so, at least not if you enlist the help of The Poster Club.

The Copenhagen-based online emporium, founded in 2014 by Thomas Nissen, is gently guiding its customers through the somewhat daunting world of contemporary art. It offers a carefully curated selection of high quality posters and art prints, featuring both up-and-coming and well-established artists — you'll come across talented individuals and studios like Lisa Wirenfelt, Ekaterina Koroleva, LouLou Avenue and By Garmi.

The Poster Club's curation of art prints and posters is tied together by a distinctive Scandinavian influence. The collective takes inspiration from elements within Nordic lifestyle, fashion and interior design, selecting artworks for their clean, minimalist aesthetic. Never loud or in-your-face, The Poster Club's art prints and posters will blend perfectly into any interior, no matter what your personal taste is. The online store also offers a range of understated frames, so you can bring your artworks to life on your wall.

Whether you're looking for that one perfect piece of art or a collection of posters and prints to hang together in a home gallery, The Poster Club has you covered.

  1. Abstract Lines 01 Print by Rubin Studio
  2. Connecting Print by Loulou Avenue
  3. You Print by Sofia Lind
  4. Source by Leise Dich Abrahamsen
  5. Figure 01 Print by Bycdesign Studio
  6. Blue Note Print by Leise Dich Abrahamsen
  7. Lineshape 02 Print by Tenna Elisabeth
  8. Perspectives Print by Anna Johansson
  9. Midnight Print by Alexandra Papadimouli
  10. No.8 Print by Berit Mogensen Lopez
  11. Beau Soir Print by Lucrecia Rey Caro
  12. New Form 01 Print by Riikka Kantinkoski
  13. Blue Shade Print by Lisa Wirenfelt
  14. Nude 01 Print by Ekaterina Koroleva

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